Deployment: Adobe Flash downloads Links

Since the website to register and then download for Enterprise DOES not seem to respond or handle Request the actual Flash Binary's from 15.02.2017 here.


FILENAME OLD: Flash32_24_0_0_194.ocx

FILENAME NEW: Flash32_24_0_0_221.ocx

FILENAME OLD: Flash64_24_0_0_194.ocx

FILENAME NEW: Flash64_24_0_0_221.ocx

Version OLD:

Version NEW:


Download Binary:


In today's release, we've updated Flash Player with important bug fixes and security updates.

The most recent Flash Player security bulletin can be found here: Security Bulletin (APSB17-04)


Extract from Deployment batch silent sample for ALL deployment from SSCM to Heat Frontrange Enteo to Matrix 42.



MCAFEE ENS 10.5 detects Modernizr JS-Library as Malware

Well some Javascript library devlopers don't seem to understand that there is Ransomware. They could make sure all Security Firms know their code and trust it.

THREAT: Suspicious Attachment!script

Mcafee hat eine Malware mit dem Namen "Suspicious Attachment!script" entdeckt.


FILENAME: C:\Users\u3340437\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\9FIW5LMY\modernizr[1].js


TYPE: Potenziell unerwünschtes Programm

DAT: 2892.0

CATEGORY: Malware entdeckt

DESK/LAP: Workstation

OS: Windows 7

ZEIT: 02/17/17 09:46:09 UTC (Achtung UTC Coordinated Universal Time Timezone!)


What is Modernizr?

It's a collection of superfast tests – or "detects" as we like to call them – which run as your web page loads, then you can use the results to tailor the experience to the user.


I would delete such a class from a security view. So does Mcafee Endpoint 10.5 on 20.02.2017




WIN7 Windows Update stuck / hangs / hängt


Some times the Windows 7 Update Client is stuck. Here is how to solve this in 2017.

This happens on Brand new installation of Windows 7 SP1 PRO or ENTERPRISE Media 64BIT (OEM or VL). The Internet conenction looks fine, You have no packet lost, Your MTU Size is correct. Simply Windows Update hangs and does that for hours. Sometimes it goes through and the time this could happen we have seen from 4 hrs to 3 Days.


First hint: On some Patches DISCONNECT the Network cable from your Client! (3020369 as example)

You need to Install 3 Patches from the Windows Update Catalog in a certain order. Keep in MIND that you need to Reboot (Restart) and also in certain cases UNLUG the Internet Connection before installing the Patches. Otherwise the Client will search endless again with the first patch.

Search for all 3 Patches mentioned below an add them to the Download basket




Then choose to Download all of them


KB3020369 (


KB3172605 (



Om most systems we heard this two Patches solved it. IF that did not work also try:

KB3125574 (




Please see our further posting regarding WSUS and WSUS-Clients:




SPAM / RANSOMWARE, Switzerland, SWISSCOM, Faked Invoice

Currently 15.02.2017 there are several SPAM/Malware Attachment floating around with real good looking FAKED Swisscom Invoices.


Derzeit sind etliche SPAM/Malware E-Mails im Umlauf mit gefälschten Swisscom Telefon / Natel Rechnungen.

Die Rechnungen sind derart perfekt aufgebaut, dass man diese von einem Original nicht mehr unterscheiden kann.


MCAFEE ATD Diagnose of the File > rechnung.js which a link PULLS. The faked Bill seems

To contain many AHREF Target. Most of the commercial Sandbox ONLY follow a certain amount of depth and links (5-8).

We think that there were several hidden links in the E-Mail and only those where scanned.






MCAFEE: Threat Intelligence Exchange TIE Policy is blank after EPO Update 5.X


PROBLEM: Threat Intelligence Exchange TIE Policy is blank after EPO Update 5.X


After you install an EPO Patch or HOTFIX some POLICY Rules are EMPTY. If you logon to the EPO Web console with a new CLIENT (Browser)

You see it fully. This is related due the Cache of your Browser. Clear the BROWSER Cache, Forms, data etc. fully and you will regain the view.