SYNTAX ERROR: Fun with Powershell commands copied from Blogs or KB-solutions

SYNTAX ERROR: Fun with Powershell commands copied from Blogs or KB-solutions


We often see that the "-symbol or the minus-symbol are malformed and it looks normal in notepad.exe or the PS-console. The "-symbol effect can be devastation because you may have other objects you handle with identical short names in complex commands.

Worst case: "room 140 left wing Barcelona" and he targets room then etc.

Several times we have seen such effects with Powershell if we copy PS commands direct and don't use the copy-code function that good blog platforms or even KB-platforms on Intranet should support.


Here is a sample:

You just see red. First you think the command is not there anymore in this version whatever. Then you think maybe the wrong shell 32/64? Or elevated. The you type it manual and it works ;-)

If you copy the two commands to NOTEPAD.EXE as it opens all looks fine.

You can see in WinWord already that there MUST be a difference (They are not exact the same horizontal length) ;-)

TO really see: If you open the two commands in Notepadd+ or any advanced editor.




%E2 %80 %93




%E2 %80 %94


Euro? Germany? So someone from European Union made the Blog (Not UK not Swiss/Switzerland/Suisse) no? ;-) A double minus or triple minus?







McAfee free tool GETSUSP.EXE (Cloud scanner for URL and files)




Es gibt einen neuen Release eines Tools mit welchen man Clients scannen kann und alles was es nicht kennt (spanisch vorkommt) vollautomatisch zu Mcafee GTI sendet. Man kann damit unbekannte Files an McAfee einsenden zur Analyse.

Falls man eine E-Mail Adresse angibt bekommt man am Schluss den Report nach der Analyse. Die Files welche integriert sind kennt Mcafee GTI-CLOUD und alle Produkte «handeln» diese dann als sicherer und effektiver.


Das Tool macht 20% der 100% Feature vom grossen ENS und zeigt dann auch wie schnell ENS wäre wenn man nur Muster suchen würde.


Einziger Nachteil es sollte jeweils aktuell sein. Also wenn man es braucht dann bitte neu downloaden. Dafür ist es ein Single EXE und man kann damit URL, Office/PDF oder CUSTOM Directory scannen.


  • Was Mcafee GTI nicht kennt frägt er am Schluss und macht automatisch (Ohne Mcafee NAI Vertrag) ein Upload zu Mcafee.
  • Falls man es im Enterprise Bereich braucht bitte unter Preference den Proxy eintragen.


Falls die Files in Ordnung sind kennen dann Mcafee und alle Security Alliance Partner das File (Trend, Symantec). Ebenso die Firmen welche von den drei grossen Echtzeit Patterns einkaufen und tauschen. Mcafee VSE ENS kennt dann die Files

und stuft diese sicherer ein.



How to Use GetSusp | McAfee Free Tools





Proxy und wenn Ihr Infos wollt WANN McAfee die Files analysiert hat….


SRV2016, WSUS Server, Report Viewer 2012 CRL Types

Server 2016 running WSUS-Server if you click on a Report you the error with the Report Viewer as before.

If you did not install the WSUS in an SQL and used the WID (Windows Internal Database) or have a different Version

Of or many SQL Versionen mixed on that machine.


ENG: The Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Redistributable is required for this feature

DEU: Für dieses Feature ist Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Redistributable erforderlich

  1. Install Microsoft System CLR Types (If needed)

Microsoft System CLR Types for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012




  1. Download and install MICROSOFT® REPORT VIEWER 2012 RUNTIME

These are the two files you need to install:

Close and reopen the WSUS console and it works now

McAfee EPO Server SQL Server Performance tips



McAfee EPO Server SQL Server Performance tips

This is based on McAfee Information for their McAfee EPO DB running under SQL 2005/2008R2/2012 upwards

The EPO Database itself should be:

Autoshrink = False

Auto Close = False

Auto update Statistics = True


Auto shrink and auto close are database options that should be set to false. Auto update statistics should be set to true, except for very rare circumstances where the update of statistics is hindering the query performance and there is a customized manner to update statistics on a different interval. See the Performance Optimizer Product Guide for details on how to configure these database options.


File auto growth DB Files 256MB, unlimited

File auto growth DB Log files 128MB, unlimited


This is just a base recommandation. We learned back with NT4 and RAID Setup that this is important to calculate blocksize. Ask your Storage, VMware people if they still know anything about it. You will be suprised how much they know or not.


The file growth settings for the ePO and tempdb databases should be set to auto-grow by 256MB for data files and 128MB for log files. The maximum size should be set to unlimited. It is not recommended to use the auto-grow by percent as it can lead to subsequently larger file growths. See the Performance Optimizer Product Guide for more details.


Yes we know, spend CHF 20'000.- for another SSD Raid or shelf and ask your Manager.

Data files and log files should be placed onto separate disks for maximum I/O throughput. See the Performance Optimizer Product Guide for more details.


Index and Fragmentation

Indexes with fragmentation greater than 30% should be rebuilt. Fragmentation between 20%-30% requires that the index be reorganized. Optimal index performance is achieved when fragmentation is removed on a regular schedule. See KB67184 and the Performance Optimizer Product Guide for more information.

Review the server task action settings. See the McAfee ePO Product Guide for the chapter on configuring server tasks. If the server task has been provided by a point product, review the guide for that product to ensure that all configuration settings are correct.

Review the scheduled server tasks. If too many server tasks are scheduled to run at the same time, reschedule some for a different time. See the McAfee ePO Product Guide for the chapter on configuring server tasks.

Please see our other McAfee EPO Enterprise PRO Tips

If you need commercial help with McAfee EPO/TIE/DLP/ATD Migration contact us.


WIN7 Windows Update stuck / hangs / hängt


Some times the Windows 7 Update Client is stuck. Here is how to solve this in 2017.

This happens on Brand new installation of Windows 7 SP1 PRO or ENTERPRISE Media 64BIT (OEM or VL). The Internet conenction looks fine, You have no packet lost, Your MTU Size is correct. Simply Windows Update hangs and does that for hours. Sometimes it goes through and the time this could happen we have seen from 4 hrs to 3 Days.


First hint: On some Patches DISCONNECT the Network cable from your Client! (3020369 as example)

You need to Install 3 Patches from the Windows Update Catalog in a certain order. Keep in MIND that you need to Reboot (Restart) and also in certain cases UNLUG the Internet Connection before installing the Patches. Otherwise the Client will search endless again with the first patch.

Search for all 3 Patches mentioned below an add them to the Download basket




Then choose to Download all of them


KB3020369 (


KB3172605 (



Om most systems we heard this two Patches solved it. IF that did not work also try:

KB3125574 (




Please see our further posting regarding WSUS and WSUS-Clients: