Deployment Links most used

Deployment Adobe Reader Products: Update, patch | Acrobat, Reader | Windows, Incremental, Full quartlery? All explained (Understand why to Patch 9.4.2 First after 9.4 and then INC 9.4.3 and 9.4.4.)

Adobe, WPKG Deployment information for Reader and Flash, good samples and direct links to binaries

Java Runtime 

Flash 10.3 and the Control Panel Update function > In Short mms.cfg DOES override that function (Shows wrong)

IT Administration | Configure Flash Player auto-update notification

Flash Player 10.3: disable updates and the new control panel applet


Client Managment Security Links

Microsoft Malware Protection Center Blog, Analyse of actual Malware

Suddenly no more info since about 3 months? Security Research & Defense, Microsoft Patch Blog. See what MS writes about their own patches and how ciritical they are and why.

SANS Internet Storm Center, Daily Updates

Secunia, Latest Security Postings

Malware Dumps, Samples

Some intersting Mcafee News and Posts (EPO/Migration/VSE)

Nice Blog with a lot of infos from russia ;-)

Beautiful Blog with lots of samples, analyse and explanation of code

Realtime monitoring of abnormal traffic worlwide with interactive timeline and map (cyberwar illustrated)

Good Blog from Switzerland

Mcafee related in parts

IPS Fortiguard /Fortigate List of Explouts covered in which release

Usefull Info for Cisco and Fortigate/Fortimail Firewall and appliances

Collection of sites/IP Test, Reputation tool (Lookup and check sites for malware)




Good Exchange Links for 2007 / 2010

Can I really use JBOD storage with Exchange 2010?
What is new with Exchange 2010 storage?
Setting Message Size Limits in Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007
Exchange 2010 Request Hotfixes to install "before" SP1

Exchange 2010 SP1 FAQ and Known Issues, and 5 Request Hotfixes for Server 2008R2 you should install to get it running perfect 
5 Mentioned Hotfixes for Server 2008 R2 64bit
KB983440 (Reboot NO on CAS)
KB977020 - Fix for: ARS: Win7 roll-up Hotfix for System.Web.Services.dll (Reboot NO on CAS)
KB979744 - LockConvoy On Windows Server 2003 Post KB 971988 (Reboot YES on CAS)
KB979099 - An update is available to remove the application manifest expiry feature from AD RMS clients. (Reboot YES on CAS)
KB982867 (Reboot YES on CAS) (Reboot YES on CAS)
* How NOT to Deploy Client Access Servers
DIE Antwort auf die Frage nach mehreren CAS Exchange Servern in einem Forest fuer Intern und Externe CAS etc. Nein, dass steht nicht im Technet ;-)


Performance / Speed / Whats happening
* Logparser and Exchange logs
Describes how to use the Logparser.exe to get Data from Logfiles and make automated charts
* Peformance Exchange 2007/2010 Servers, key values


Activesync / Handy / SSL / Exchange 2007 / 2010 SP1

* Test Exchange Activesnc ONLINE without running an .EXE from strange small company
* Powershell Activesync Stats and Reports
Identifying users with mobile devices and applying the appropriate patches can be challenging
* Enterprise firewall configuration for Exchange ActiveSync Direct Push Technology

* Controlling Exchange ActiveSync device access using the Allow/Block/Quarantine list

* Controlling Exchange Active Sync Device access

APPLE IPHONE (Yes Indesign runs faster Gigabyte i7 MB with Thermaltake case than your UGLY apple!)

* How to Securely Deploy iPhones with Exchange ActiveSync in the Enterprise

* Getting your Iphone to work with Exchange Active Sync SSL Certificate
“Note that after configuring an Exchange ActiveSync account, all existing contact and calendar information on the iPhone or
iPod touch is overwritten. Additionally, iTunes no longer syncs contacts and calendars with your desktop computer. You can still
sync your iPhone or iPod touch wirelessly with MobileMe services.”
1. On your Iphone, browse your server by typing http OR
2. Login with Admin credentials on the users iPhone
3. Click on: Download a CA certificate, certificate chain, or CRL
4. Then click on Encoding method, e.g. Base 64
5. Now click on Download CA certificate
6. On iPhone you will now see a screen to install the certificate.
7. Now the certificate is on iPhone and you can use SSL for activesync feature.
iPhone 2.0; Welcome to Exchange!
iOS 4 and Exchange ActiveSync

ANDROID (Googles; i can see and hear all you search and speak phone OS)
* Download the Android SDK
* Guter Blog, Android, SAN Certs, Falsche SAN Certs, Samsung Handy usw.
* Android 2.1/2.2/2.3 and Exchange Sync
*Android NitroDeesk Touchdown
* Do Not buy Android 2.2 phones, they will not work secure with Exchange 2007/2010 and User Certificates WITHOUT buying a ADD On Software
* Do not migrate from 2003 to 2007/2010 without planing and testing if you have Android phones and Certs
* PIN Lock in Android 2.2 verstellen ohne ROOT-Rechte


2007 SP1 > 2007 SP2 > 2010, Active Directory Schema Links
Exchange Schema Version 2007 SP1/SP2/2010

Setup / genauer erklärt
Upgrade paths

von 2007 auf 2010 In 2007 Umgebung
Exchange Server Changes to the Active Directory Schema
Testing for Active Directory Schema Extension Conflicts


2003 > 2010 Migration, Public Folder Mail Activated are not getting E-Mail (ADSIEDIT)

2003 > 2007 > 2010 Corrupted Items, Move Mailbox Request

Ersatz für PFDAVAdmin unter Exchange 2010: ExFolders

Hotfix Updates how to find what you need

I have been invloved in several projects where people searched for days and it could hvae been fixed by just a stupid hotfix. This could have been skipped by weekly reading Microsoft Knowledgebase which takes 4 hours per day or use a KB scanner like There are rumors that large key customers get those from Dell and HP weekly in a bulletin. This may not be the case for all countrys. The problem is that you always get those for just a single interest group like deployment, exchange or San Storage from some producers (Realy what does effect them).

That means if the SAN-guy comes from the producers he has his Windows Hotfixes for the Data Server on his USB stick but not for the 2008R2 DC which then makes problems as example.

MS, says that you should only such a Hotfix when you have a relevant problem. That is true in terms of risk. But the same Hotfix will get released in a Public SP after months then.

(Well more tested i can only hope).

With Hotfix we do not mean the ones you get via WSUS or WIndows Updates. We mean the ones you have to request from MS.

So check out weekly if you don't want to get gey hair and a hear attack. The regular ones are also in those list.

There is also a very good list at: with lots of infos

Monitored Microsoft technologies: