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APPV 4.6 SP1

- Better Sequencing and more help for newbies

- Better Options

- Does not reduce complexity of category "Complex Packages" but will help entry level people a lot with easy packages

Must Read Blog for all people who want to use APP-V in an Enterprise or IT-Service enviroment.

Guru Blog:


APPV Client Optionen:
Understanding the autoload feature
Befehlszeilenparameter von Application Virtualization Client Installer
Flexnet, APPV Blog

APP-V Management Server AND SQL 2005/2008 Express on Server 2003 R2

APPV Server Service Dependency: SQL,

APP-V OS Codes

APP-V Cache Size change silent (Over 10GB)

APP-V Error Codes


APP-V Presentation, Debug, Errors, Tools (Failure Online Analyze Tool)

APPV Video Series Microsoft


* Sequencer machine should have same WIndows Installer Version as target system. Check c:\windows\system32\msi.dll (3.1/4.5 etc.)

*Sequencer machine should have a second partition called Q: This is where you will install the software to while watching what it does

OSD File config Tool 

Use Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) SFT View

to provide scanners and automated tools with read-only access to .SFT files. You can find both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to download.




Success rates on packaging and is it faster?

APP-V Real World expierences from the field

APP-V Sequencing Deep Dive by MS

Sequencing, MS presentation, Most common errors discussed: Java JRE, Winword.exe, Putty 

When Things go Wrong… How to effectively and Efficiently Troubleshoot Application Virtualization (App-V) Deployments
effectively and Efficiently Troubleshoot Application Virtualization.pptx (3.86 mb)

 Installing and Configuring the RC ADM Template: appvirt.adm appvirt64.adm / GPO


Some nice Blog from a nice guy who helps people on MSDN Social:


Links from Blog:

1. APP-V Techcenter, your starting point when you need more information about App-V| Microsoft Technet
2. APP-V whitepapers, part of App-V Techcenter | Microsoft Technet
3. Some App-V learning video’s | Blogcastrepository
4. App-V team blog | Microsoft Technet Blog New location, change your RSS feed!
5. App-V information, clear overview on APP-V components |
6. App-V certification, there’s no “stand alone” APP-V certification. Skills being measured are based on MDOP (where APP-V is part of) | Microsoft Learning
7. App-V Best Practice Analyzer | Microsoft Download Center
8. App-V ADM Templates, also check-out the ADM add-ons from Login Consultants (nr. 11)| Microsoft Downloads
9. App-V Resource Kit tool, you will need this when using Dynamic Suite Composition | Microsoft Technet
10. Great resource with tools and instant apps for your demo’s | Maintained by forum member ksaunam
11. The App-V tools from Login Consultants, you need to register before you can download the tools | Login Consultants Tools
12. Tech forum with all App-V related information, not only limited to APP-V | known as softgridguru)
13. Application Virtualization Central, with recipe files, training videos and much more | Maintained by forum member seq_tim
14. Troubleshooting App-V | Microsoft Technet Blogs
15. Application Virtualization message-board, not only limited to App-V |
16. Download sequenced applications free | Maintained by forum member ksaunam
17. German App-V website maintained by Microsoft employee Sebastian Gernert |
18. Application Virtualization (App-V) Video Series which are based on App-V 4.6 | Microsoft Downloads
19. Independent App-V Blog | Maintained by forum member MeNToS and MVP on App-V: Rodney Medina
20. The Official Microsoft Virtual World Blog |
21. | Maintained by forum member Kirk
22. DesktopControl Blog | Maintained by forum member MeNToS
23. The Official Microsoft MDOP(where App-V for Desktop is part of) blog |
24. The Official Microsoft Download of App-V for Remote Desktop Services 4.6 | Microsoft Download Center
25. The Microsoft Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for App-V 4.6 | Microsoft Download Center
26. MVP Aaron Parker’s ( overview of Resource Kit tools from Microsoft and other links | Maintained by forum member aaronparker
(Aaron has a nice list of recipe/sequence resources here)
26a. Must have link on is the FAQ overview which is updated frequently: Deutsche SoftGrid und App-V Usergroup |
28. Confessions of a Guru | Blog of forum member seq_tim
29. Kevin Kaminski's blog at | Blog of forum member kkaminsk
30. The Microsoft Online Help for Application Virtualization | Microsoft Technet
31. The Microsoft App-V Sequencing Recipe Forum | Microsoft Technet
32. App-V Troubleshooting, Known Issues and General Resources | Microsoft Technet blogs
33. Application Distribution Blog by Nicke Källen, Microsoft MVP on App-V | Viridisit website
34. ThinWorld Citrix and APP-V Knowledgebase by Tomo. No real background info | ThinWorld Citrix and APP-V Knowledgebase
35. Adventures in Virtualization and Manageability Support: Blog by one of the Microsoft support engineers | The Mad Virtualizer at Microsoft
36. The D-Spot (The Deployment Spot) | App-V category on
37. Microsoft Podcasts on App-V | Microsoft Podcast
38. Ramesh maintains a blog with lots of info and recipes |
39. Jeroen Erkelens blogs on App-V (and more MS ) at the System Management Repository blog | App-V content on
40. Thomas Øyen(Mito on the forum) runs the App-V blog: Wannabe Sequencer |

 When Things go Wrong… How to effectively and Efficiently Troubleshoot Application Virtualization (App-V) Deployments
effectively and Efficiently Troubleshoot Application Virtualization.pptx (3.86 mb)



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