SAP with Mcafee Alert FALSE/POSITIV KB71739 DAT 6329 Generic.DX!yxk

by butsch 28. April 2011 17:30

SAP fun withMcafee Alert FALSE/POSITIV KB71739 DAT 6329 Generic.DX!yxk

Ich habe soeben einen SMS Alert von Mcafee bekommen. Mcafee Alert KB71739 DAT 6329 Generic.DX!yxk > In dem Moment war die KB von mcafee Offline. Passender Moment!

 Corporate KnowledgeBase

False Positive Detection Generic.dx!yxk in DAT 6329

Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:   KB71739
Last Modified:   April 28, 2011


For details of all supported operating systems, see KB51109.


McAfee Labs has received multiple reports of a false positive detection in SAP software. This is impacting SAP telephone connectivity functionality.

Detection name(s) causing the false: Generic.dx!yxk

File Name(s): Spsgui.exe

Company Name: SAP

Date of First Occurrence: 28th April 2011

DAT Version: 6329

DAT Version Containing the Fix: 6330 - Estimated release time for this DAT is 14:00 BST. NOTE: This is subject to successful completion of QA testing.

Current Workaround: A negative extra.dat to suppress the detection is attached to this KnowledgeBase article. Affected customers are recommended to apply the negative extra.dat and utilize the quarantine restore function to retrieve the incorrectly removed file.

What are the affected products?

  • VirusScan Enterprise
NOTE: This issue can affect all McAfee anti-virus products utilizing this DAT, however it will only manifest itself on endpoints such as VirusScan.

This KnowledgeBase article will be updated when additional information is made available.


261Bytes • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband



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