Adobe Flash Player (10e) Deployment silent

by butsch 4. January 2012 15:08

Adobe Flash Player (10e) Deployment silent

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Sample of how to deploy it with batch only:
:: Butsch Informatik
:: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: V1.1 16.02.2011 mms.cfg Korrektur auf aktuelle Version
:: V2.0 07.03.2011 M. Butsch, Flash March 2011 (Flash10n.ocx)
:: V2.1 23.03.2011 M. Butsch, Flash April 2011 (Flash10o.ocx),
:: V2.2 18.04.2011 M. Butsch, Flash April 2011 II (Flash10p.ocx)
:: V2.3 25.05.2011 M. Butsch, Flash Mai 2011 (flash10q.ocx)
:: V2.4 08.06.2011 M. Butsch, Flash Juni 2011 (flash10t.ocx)
:: V2.5 20.06.2011 M. Butsch, Flash Juni II 2011 (flash10t.ocx)
:: V2.6 18.08.2011 M. Butsch, Flash August 2011 (flash10v.ocx)
:: V2.7 22.09.2011 M. Butsch, Flash September 2011 (Flash10x.ocx)
:: V2.8 10.10.2011 M. Butsch, Flash Oktober 2011 (Flash11c.ocx)
:: v2.9 04.01.2011 M. Butsch, Flash Januar 2012 (Flash11e.ocx)
:: Kontrolliere ob Version_11.1.102.55 schon vorhanden
if exist "c:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\flash11e.ocx" goto vorhanden
:: Kopiere PSKILL ins Root
if not Exist c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe copy \\server\software$\adobe_flash\Version_11.1.102.55\pskill.exe c:\windows\system32 /y
:: Kill running PLUGIN Tasks
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" firefox.exe
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" iexplore.exe
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" firefox
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" iexplore
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" firefoxportable
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" firefoxportable.exe
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" firefoxportabel
"c:\windows\system32\pskill.exe" firefoxportabel.exe
\\server\software$\adobe_flash\Version_11.1.102.55\uninstall_flash_player_32bit.exe -uninstall activex
\\server\software$\adobe_flash\Version_11.1.102.55\install_flash_player_11_active_x_32bit.exe -install
copy \\server\software$\adobe_flash\Version_11.1.102.55\mms.cfg c:\windows\system32\Macromed\Flash /y
if exist "c:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\flash11c.ocx" md \\server\logfiles$\adobe\flash11e\%computername%.FLASH11e.OK
if not exist "c:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\flash11e.ocx" md \\server\logfiles$\adobe\flash11e\NOT.OK.%computername%.FLASH11e.OK

mms.cfg (21.00 bytes)


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