Bundesamt für Kommunikation, BAKOM, good security Flyer enduser

by butsch 1. March 2011 01:46


Most of the Swiss federal employee have received this brochure about Internet security from the „Bundesamt für Kommunikation, BAKOM“. It gives a good

overview of private IT security and I recommend everyone to shortly take a look at it. Parents at some kinder gardens and state day care centers got

a printed version this week. (Region Basel)


From an IT view I can confirm that the stories have happened and will happen in real as they are mentioned and illustrated. None of them are fiction. People

rarely talk about such unpleasant things if they happen to them personal. The effort the feds do is a clear signal that there are many cases and questions.








It’s also in French and Italian.


The printed brochure can be ordered for free from: www.bundespublikationen.admin.ch, Art.-Nr. 808.001.d


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