Deployment: MS Framework 4.0 Silent Deployment

by butsch 10. January 2011 18:55

Aaron Stebler MS Blog
Silent install, repair and uninstall command lines for the .NET Framework 4

Appdeploy MS .NET Framework 4.0 Setup

MS Silent Setup Framework 4 in Detail (SSCM 2007)

Liste aller Framework 4 Hotfixes welche man anfordern muss (Nicht WSUS)
Liste aller im Januar 2011 nötigen Updates & Hotfixes fuer .NET Serien (Inkl. silent switches)

Verteilen von Framework 4.0 Full English und Deutschem Lanuguagepack plus wichtigen Hotfix:

1 dotNetFx40_Full_x86.exe /q /norestart
2 dotNetFx40LP_Full_x86de.exe /q /norestart
3 NDP40-KB2416472-x86.exe /q /norestart

Atttention, even Offline/Standalone Installer will use from 512MB to 2048MB on clients due to Cache and Compile of Binary on the target:

Of course, had I actually read the System Requirements section of the .NET Framework Download page beforehand, I would have known that the minimum disk space required by the .NET Framework  4 is much higher than I thought (for x64, the stated minimum is 2 GB -- slightly higher than the 1863 MB threshold enforced by the setup program).

Once I freed up the necessary disk space on the server, I was able to click Refresh and then click Next to proceed with the install (which completed without issue).

It still seems a little shocking that nearly 2 GB of disk space can be subsequently consumed after installing a 48.1 MB download, but I did, in fact, end up with a mere 107 MB of free space after installing .NET Framework 4 on this server (that is, until I expanded the corresponding VHD file for the VM).


Files Framework 4.0 und Language Pack German Windows 7 64BIT, Stand, 20.05.2012

50'449'456 dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe
7'230'400 dotNetFx40LP_Full_x86_x64de.exe
7'784'808 NDP40-KB2416472-x64.exe
40'175'720 NDP40-KB2604121-x64.exe
9'293'416 NDP40-KB2656351-x64.exe
12'126'824 NDP40-KB2656405-x64.exe


Optional if needed:

6'379'056 dotNetFx40LP_Client_x86_x64de.exe Security Update KB2416472 / MS10-070 Security Update KB2656351 / MS11-100 Security Update KB2656405 / MS12-034 Security Update KB2604121 / MS12-035




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