Deployment Time HP 6560 all Major super OS-Deployment fail!

by butsch 27. July 2011 13:27
OS-Deployment Time:
HP 6560 all Major super OS-Deployment fail!

With our Deployment system Storage and nic driver intergation is very easy! ;-)
A short look in google show you that all those new fancy OS-Deployments did work a few months. But
now with new hardware and new Nic and mass stroage drivers they (as allways) fail and people have problems.
All the regualr non-deployemtn people who took OS Deployment for easy and thought they can do it theirself have problems.
The HP 5660 seems to fail with. Fails mean you will have to integrate a NIC and Mass Driver into the PE and maybe the WIndows 
XP SP3 silent setup if you still run Windows XP.
Even Windows 7 seems to have problems with the RIS. Back to the roots and hiring expensive Deployment people ;-)
·         WDS Windows Deployment
·         SCCM/SMS
·         Acronis 
·         Symantec Ghost und Deployment Suites wie Altiris



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