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by butsch 3. November 2010 18:37

I have been invloved in several projects where people searched for days and it could hvae been fixed by just a stupid hotfix. This could have been skipped by weekly reading Microsoft Knowledgebase which takes 4 hours per day or use a KB scanner like There are rumors that large key customers get those from Dell and HP weekly in a bulletin. This may not be the case for all countrys. The problem is that you always get those for just a single interest group like deployment, exchange or San Storage from some producers (Realy what does effect them).

That means if the SAN-guy comes from the producers he has his Windows Hotfixes for the Data Server on his USB stick but not for the 2008R2 DC which then makes problems as example.

MS, says that you should only such a Hotfix when you have a relevant problem. That is true in terms of risk. But the same Hotfix will get released in a Public SP after months then.

(Well more tested i can only hope).

With Hotfix we do not mean the ones you get via WSUS or WIndows Updates. We mean the ones you have to request from MS.

So check out weekly if you don't want to get gey hair and a hear attack. The regular ones are also in those list.

There is also a very good list at: with lots of infos

Monitored Microsoft technologies:


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