Exchange 2010: 452 4.3.1 insufficient system resources (No E-Mail incoming)

by newuser09876 21. August 2014 19:37

Exchange 2010:


452 4.3.1 insufficient system resources (No E-Mail incoming)


Error on Exchange:

"452 4.3.1 insufficient system resources" error message from Exchange


The Storage where the Mailbox data is stored is getting full in %-rates or GB.

Exchange 2010 has a built in Resource monitoring. Since VMware the "I Make it small and then I resize" people cause us a lot trouble ;-) Because of their weirdo "Snapshots and not too big storage is expensive" we resize 5 times a week. So Diskpart is a common used tool. Monitoring departments with endless %-rate discussion are adding spice.

Why this error happens on Exchange 2010 / backpressure

Even with "some" amount free on your MDB-files Exchange will CUTOFF the delivery of E-Mails based on statistic value so in % of the total disk. This is a good idea because if real large things could/would happen and he has absolute no space then you have trouble. There is a reason why you put the Transaction Logfiles (Not the Logfiles) on separate LUN/Volumes. So at least you don't lose any emails.


Looks "not" full right? Yes, but it does for Exchange 2010 >

So turning OFF this option I never a good idea. Anyway here is how to do it and then solve Storage problems and resize.

Search and open file EdgeTransport.exe.config with Notepad:

Add or change the option


<add key="EnableResourceMonitoring" value="true" />


<add key="EnableResourceMonitoring" value="false" />


Restart-Service "MSExchangeTransport" (ENG) OR "Microsoft Exchange-Mailuebergabe" (GERMAN)

Then as final step you go to the VMWARE people and hit them ;-) Tell them that you lost CHF 400.- in support compared to CHF 50.- (Prorata) in storage savings.

Tell them to read and understand "ITL Storage and Capacity Planning and Budgeting". If they don't know what ITIL is well then go to bookstore and buy them books.







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