Exchange: Server 2008 SMTP/IIS does not write Logfiles

by butsch 29. May 2017 15:00

On old Exchange machines we migrated we often (After Exchange is de-installed) install the SMTP Server. So we can re-route E-Mail from devices which have not been migrated and log that info.


You have a Server 2008 64BOIT RTM and the separate installed SMTP-Service in IIS 6.0 Manager does not write Logfiles.

  • You set the Logfiles options
  • You did a telnet IP (Not Localhost) on port 25
  • You tried to force write of logs with "netsh http flush logbuffer"


You will have to enable / Install the ODB-Protokollierung (ODBC Logging module)

Here is how to do that on a German Server 2008


You need the CORRECT permission on as example d:\smtp_logfiles or keep it at default location under c:\windows\system32\logfiles




This steps may take up to 30 minutes don't ask why. Maybe it's reinstalling the full IIS or compiling some Framework Assemblies. Just wait it will finish.


Please also see:



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