Frontrange Enteo V7. Migration von V6.2 auf V7. Ansicht Shop Policys?

by butsch 2. May 2011 23:30

This is how you see existing "Shop" Policies after the successfull upgrade to Version 7.

So sieht man existierende Shop Policies nach der efolgreichen Migration von V6.2 auf V7.0

* Right click RIGHT beside the last seen Dropdown list. Select "Shop Policies"

Still no SHOP Entrys? Well gues what a second step.

Software > Right click > Global Software Library (Software Shop Verwalten)


Now you made your Software shop category and now you can supply the catgegory with Software (Packages)

 Software > Select one of your Pckages > "Eigenschaften" > "Bezeichner des Software Shop-Ordners" > Select YOUR Shop



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