HTC ONE S and X shipping in Switzerland

by butsch 4. April 2012 21:41


  • Good bye Apple and all your annoying trouble and disturbance in corporate IT
  • Apple devices back to the Designers and black pullover users

Finally we reach a level where Android may be used in Enterprise corporate enviroment. Version 4 of Android brings advanced ActiveSync Support (Without Touchdown Nitrodesk). A lot of new in direction of Certificates (Exchange). The new phone from HTC is hipping Easter week in CH/DE and Austria room. There is no reason to BUY a Apple product anymore. With the Android 4 and Nokia Lumia 710/800 (Windows Mango) there are real options for enterprise users on the market. Since the Blackberry Stock (nasdaq) is doing what it want's this may be a good time to migrate away from Blackberry or IPHONE and apple.

HTC X One = LED Display, 32GB RAM, Quad Core (Except USA because of the new WIFI chip which needs more space)

HTC S One = Amoled Display, 16GB RAM, DUAL Core

Both 8MP camera and Android 4.X out of the box

Android 4 does have a new keychain API, and underlying encrypted storage lets applications store and retrieve private keys and their corresponding certificate chains. Applications can use the keychain API to install and store user certificates and certificate authorities

Read "Comparison of Exchange ActiveSync clients" to see what the different ActiveSync version offer and what not.


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