IT: Slow Exchange 2013 LAB, slow Outlook.exe under ESXi 5.5

by butsch 22. December 2015 03:05

We have been checking out Exchange 2013 in our lab for some weeks now. Yes 2016 is out but still

Most larger company realy live fine with Exchange 2010 on premise if they have complex Setup with Kemp.

Here is are some Problems with Performance we have seen also in our Labs under vmware

Performance issues or delays when you connect to Exchange Server 2013 that is running in Windows Server

For Exchange Server 2013 that is installed in Windows Server 2012 R2

Use one of the following methods:

•    Create the COMPLUS_DisableRetStructPinning environment variable, and set the value of the variable to 1.

•    Create a DWORDvalue of the DisableRetStructPinning entry at the following registry subkey, and set the DWORD value to 1:


Vmware, VMXNET3 the Sources for al evil?

But, there is a also a Sources Problem client side. Some people tweak around stack settings on Windows 7. Some the finally find it's a bad Vmware Setup.

Esp the VMXNET3 driver. Well time for another Round-up of VMXNET and E1000 driver choise wars. And well yes the VMXNET is 30% faster of you Test in Labs

But if you have such Problems at the end?



Exchange 2013

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