Intel/Migration Mcafee EPO VSE 8.8 auf Endpoint 10.X First Look and Tips

by butsch 2. September 2016 15:17

Migration Mcafee VSE 8.8 auf Endpoint 10.X Migration First Look

Put together by Butsch from all the presentation online, Channel presentations and first lab dives with 10.X


Current Release is Mcafee Endpoint Security 10.2

Most of the things we be cleaner (Some things will be merged)



As example 4 OLD VSE 8.8 POLICY Merged in 1 "ON ACCESS SCAN Policy"

New here:


NEU: Workstation und Server NICHT mehr möglich in gleicher Policy (Dropdown)


  1. Migration Workstation Automatic
  2. After that, the Servers MANUALLY )OR both manually)
  3. You will have to separate "Workstation" and "Server" in the GUI under an OU (I hope you anyway doo above 100+ endpoints!) (Or use TAG for Policies)

NEW: You will have do a separate POLICY for "Workstation" and "Servers"

Some does not work anymore: Exclusion alt **\WILDCARDS ohne DRIVE LETTER > GEHT nicht mehr in EPS 10.X

There is a Remark in Migration Wizard who will tell you again!


What you need before you think to start


  • Basis fuer Update für bestehende Umgebungen
  • Base your nee das existing customer running EPO

There is a special Migration Help tool which you can install

You can select which Policy's to migrate and change Policy's during Migration



Quiz Questions from Butsch


When can i do what?

Is there any risk for my environment?

Is the Migration safe?

Before the 10.1 PACKAGE is deployed NOTHING will happen to the CLIENTS. You can migrate POLICYS BEFORE and THAN at the end deploy the VSE 10.

As soon as YOU deploy the VSE 10.1 package the Migration CLIENT side begins. As with a regular PATCH 8 for VSE or 7.5 to 8 migrations you TEST DEPLOY

a few client s for a week or days and THEN you can deploy (Migrate) the other clients. All other clients will KEEEP pulling the VSE 8.x POLICYS.



Question: We just want Virus Protection; we don't want HIPS or Site Advisor because we have other clients like Fort client or Windows Firewall.

  • There are still 3 parts and modules
  • You can DEPLOY them with separate Deployment Jobs
  • Only what you deploy of that gets on the client and like with other endpoints you don't have 75% Parts of the clients which you don't use because integrated with other brands already








See more Infos:



Mcafee ENS, EPO, DLP, TIE, ATD, VSE, MSME | Client Management

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