LAN/WIFI Switching when using Windows 7 and corporate WIFI access

by butsch 30. June 2015 19:36

This is a problem which is often under estimated and there since Windows i don't know. Often a source for problem with WSUS-Agents, Deployment Agents etc.

Problem often seen:

On many HP-laptops in my environment is LAN/WLAN-switching not working well. The device is always connecting first the Wi-Fi. Bios-settings are correct.

Here is how to get it done on Windows 7 client.

  1. The BIOS has an OPTION LIKE in HP ('LAN/WLAN Switching')
  2. Script the BINDING Order depending on analyses of routes or netsh info (nvspbind.exe)
  3. Use a Third Party Tool which can install but pay


Some links in that direction:

All HP laptops:

There is an option named 'LAN/WLAN Switching' in BIOS. This option is listed under System Configuration > Built-In Device Options. Please enable this and check. This should disable the WLAN when the LAN is connected.

HP: G1 Series had some problem which was solved in G2 version in that direction.

Windows 8/10 this should work seamless without losing open files or connection. But this generated a delay of up to 40 seconds.

HP Notebook PCs - the Computer Does Not Automatically Switch Between the LAN/WLAN Connections in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1


This is a built-in feature of Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1. The computer may take up to 40 seconds to switch from one network to the other. This delay is by design to avoid interrupting file transfers and other processes.



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