MCAFEE Removal Tools Enduser Line and Corporate Endpoint (GUI or EPO)

by butsch 28. March 2019 20:41

Sometimes we have client machines where we can't rollout ENS or VSE even when all is fine. Because some people left over OEM supplied version of Mcafee Enduser products (User tried to Deinstall or update without Local Admin) or because a migration has gone bad because a user closed the laptop LID or lost power during migration. Or user forced off Desktop client. We very rare have such cases since 10 years and the EPO is great solution how it handles MSI Packages and Migration on Clients, Server and Terminal Server. If regular Deployment Solution would work like this?

So here are the two solutions for removing:

  1. Mcafee ENDUSER Products
  2. Mcafee ENS Corporate Version



MCPR (Removes all Enduser products or OEM Supplied version like on HP or DELL)



Sample leftover Enduser products:



MCAFEE Endpoint Product Removal Tool (ENS Corporate)

You can only download that tool if you have a VALID NAI Mcafee Support running

Here is HOW to find in under downloads. Yes you need a manual to download a file ;-(

Choose Enterprise

There is standalone version for Remote Support or a Version which you PUSH out to Problems clients with the EPO with Task Sequence. You can set OPTION in the Deployment JOB if you let it run with EPO.

Some sample Commandline we use with the EPO Push Version to remove stalled single endpoint ENS 10.X > 10.X Migrations

--accepteula --ENS --=600

--accepteula --ENS --noreboot


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