Massive Spam Reply wave in Switzerland 08.08.2013 – Federal E-Mail domain involved

by butsch 9. August 2013 03:01

Subject Range: RE: [#SMV-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]: Transfer - Ueberweisung


Since today 08.08.2013 starting around 17:10 O'clock CET we see a large amount of "Reply – Delete me also" spam running through all kind devices and also large enterprise

Spam filters. We even have a reply from Swiss federal E-Mail domain which hosts all or most E-Mail accounts of Swiss federal employee. We also see large

Amount of Reply Switzerland's university's and college's which most of them are experts in SPAM defense and have developed Grey Listening modules which commercial spam filters use.

That's means that this E-mail drops though all very expensive commercial and Linux mail filters currently.


Most of those people have/had the E-Mail already opened and some of them already replied WHICH then makes another wave of spam. It's to date unclear If the E-Mail contains a 0-day

Exploit. Mcfaee VSE 8.8 SP2, SEP Corporate Edition client side with actual Defintions, CLAM-AV and Group shield with actual Defintions did not show any malware at 22:00 CET European time.

  1. Do NOT reply to the E-Mail (You will generate another wave with thousands of E-Mail)
  2. And yes above link is also involved in the SPAM wave itself, so reporting to them and telling them to "teach their employee HOW to use E-mail nefore handing out a client or mobile"



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