McAfee ENS 10.2/10.5 Uninstall Web Control fails

by butsch 29. March 2017 02:20

Uninstall MacAfee Endpoint Security WEB Control Modul 10.2 on a 10.5 machine.

Error 1336: There was an error creating a temporary File (System Error Code 5)

Well they had it once doucmented very well WITH no solution…

C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Web Control\scripts

So we check with procmon what he means with that GUI message:

C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Web Control\scripts\TBD641B.TMP

Yes sure, write under a Folder scripts a File with TMP extension for uninstalling a product? No other Malware Software is on the System.

So we exclude that path? Not the first time MacAfee product a) falls over product b) If you don't keep them all updated to latest all the time.


So some times the Windows Installer is missing MS-Sources files because noobs clear up space on a machine and delete als Cached files. Well McAfee has that in mind and puts the MSI Files in a separate Folder. But thst also does not solve it.

So here are the MSI to catch that:

Remove > FAIL

Repair > FAIL

Turn of all Protection from Threat protection > FAIL

Uninstall Plattform and Threat Protection

Threat > OK > Uninstall Web > FAIL

Plattform > No Deppendcy

What's this is this a HP BLADE Server? Am i on a Server?

Some how after that Message the "Web" part was away. I am not sure when we succeded but we has to try several times after we uninstalled the Prevention Part.

Magic has happend it's uninstalled all:

This was a Single installation. If this Happens in a Enterprise with EPO? ;-(






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