Mcafee Profiler to analyze slow Mcafee clients

by butsch 20. August 2015 16:00

Well sure you hear it often. It's slow because of the virus protection. Well understand Artemis, Understand how deep things scan or not? Never mind > Mcafee has a tool for all larger customers who want to identify possible Exclusion files or Directory on their system to step down on heavy load. We don't want to discuss about if it's a good idea but sometimes you may have to.

The Profiler comes as MSI package and yes you can roll out the thing with EPO if you like and collect centralized Logfiles somewhere.

After the scan you can clearly see a source for Mcafee being slower. It's an English Windows 7 with German Office and also other German Software. So the MUI references are used heavy. These are the files we talk about.






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