Prevent VM-Machine XP/W7 computer account expire in Active Directory

by butsch 24. October 2010 19:51

Error English: The Trust Relationship between this Workstation and the primary Domain failed

Error German: Die Vertrauensstellung zwischen dieser Arbeitsstation und der primären Domäne konnte nicht hergestellt werden

If you have XP / W7 VM-machines with Snapshots he computer account MAY expire in Active Directory. Change this key and the VM with Windows XP / W7 will stay alive and next time access the machine you will be able to log on.


You should NOT do this for regular Domain clients like Desktop or Laptops. This wrokaround is for VMWARe where you have Snapshots. If you have this regular Domain Clients you

should investigate further with the Active Dreictroy person in charge.


Here is how to change the Expire on VMWARE clients wiht Snapshots.


Modify the following registry key to a '1':




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