Running Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64bit English on VMWARE

by butsch 2. March 2012 23:05


File: Windows8-ConsumerPreview-64bit-English.iso


If you try to install the ISO on VMware Workstation 7.0 you receive an error:

Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart. It's collecting error info and will restart in 0 seconds.

Vmware has released VMWARE Workstation version 8 around 2011-11-18 which should work.

Most of us are still using the version 7 which runs almost everything perfect.

Here are some impressions.


Kind of reminds me of some old C64 games, but ok.

Same boxes

Yes this is the KMS W8 key from a large enterprise use it!


If you think ESXi is fast check out a regular i7 Intel and VMWARE 8, 2% CPU. We do all Sequencing and Repackaging on

Vmware Workstation. ESX Admins don't like snapshots and we have up to 22 per machine. Most companies even

has tools to find VM's with snapshots corporate wide.



First yes there is DOS Box and Powershell box

Yes there is a "System/Controll Center". It's called Apps now.

Stable, GPO controlled and enterprise standard. Bash off you Fozilla, Chrometos and others.

Yes, but the handy shows it so…

Well looks cleaned out or more cleaned out than some other OS

Clean, nice, easy for end-user. The complex stuff comes with GPO Policies anyway.

So why bother the end-user with complexity, perfect and nice done!


Look how nice the leading store for Games in Switzerland looks.

The Store…



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