Silent Uninstall Norman Endpoint Protection with Batch / Mcafee Migration

by butsch 24. September 2015 15:54

One of the products Endpoints which does not get automatic de-installed while migrating a customer to Mcafee VSE Enterprise via EPO-deployment is Norman Endpoint Protection. Here is how to uninstall their Agent silent.

  • Mcafee VSE P6 and Norman 9.10.1500 can RUN on same W7 client temporary until Reboot

Here is what it looks in actual version:



:: Uninstall Norman 9.X Silent



@echo off


if Exist "c:\Program Files\Norman\Nse\bin\zlh_nse.dll" "c:\Program Files\Norman\Npm\Bin\delnvc5.exe" /quiet

if Exist "c:\Programmme\Norman\Nse\bin\zlh_nse.dll" "c:\Programme\Norman\Npm\Bin\delnvc5.exe" /quiet


You could run this on a client with PSEXEC remote:

psexec @d:\deployment\noch_norman.txt -u domain\administrator -p password -c d:\deployment\removenorman.cmd

  • Make a Textfile with all PC names under d:\deployment\noch_norman.txt (One PC name per LINE then CR)
  • psexec.exe (Systernals) and the removenorman.cmd have to be in d:\deployment for this


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