Storage people like small c: partitions because of Snapshots

by butsch 15. August 2013 19:58

How to resize a Server 2008 R2 Partition

Here is on the favorite tasks of VMware & Storage Admins except thinking they know how to define your Exchange Storage and then changing it after weeks. They resize Partitions or/and they delete Alerting Tickets from too small partitions. At the end of the year they lose the money they gained with Storage Consolidation and Virtualization compares to the performance lost because of the Page file jumping around.

  1. Give the disk more Space in ESX and ask the Storage guy if you can first
  2. If the VMWARE people ask why tell them it's because of Storage Admin and his "Saving effort"
  3. Go to Server Manager Disk Management and Refresh

  1. Start a diskpart.exe in DOS


  • List disk
  • Select disk x
  • List partition
  • Select partition x
  • Extend

Be careful in doing this with the C: partition UNDER server 2008 RTM. Only use they GUI there.

This is solved in Server 2008R2 and Server 2012.




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