VDI still struggles with Storage performance till 2015 no real option

by butsch 20. November 2014 13:48

We still see a urge for physical Desktop and laptop. Current corporate fleet hardware shipping with SSD hard disk and new CPU are still the best when it comes to performance and users who need to work and not primary save cost. See the VMWARE Analyze on their horrible lag times for certain applications like Adobe or Outlook. Still some enterprise users do not except such lag and this want change for some years.

Storage Teams round up with SSD/Flash only on their system but forget to compare performance to newer physical clients with new CPU architecture and new SSD disk only.

The prime example is VMware's May acquisition of Wanova Inc. to gain centralized image management for physical desktops. The virtualization pioneer, which for years has preached the virtues of desktop virtualization, has committed to use Wanova Mirage to provide customers with single image management for physical desktops.

"We do not see the world of end-user computing exclusively through the lenses of virtual machines, and I am very excited about this opportunity to redefine what desktop virtualization is and how it fits into our vision for [end-user computing]," said Vittorio Viarengo, VMware's vice president of marketing for end-user computing, in a July blog post.




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