VEEAM, Make sure Replicas do NOT connect/Startup by accident

by butsch 27. May 2015 21:04


First seeing VEEAM Replicas i asked the people what happens if the VMware ESX Crashes and someone's just starts all machines he finds on the ESX. (Like maybe IT told you in remote affiliates). The problem is that also the REPLICAS from VEEAM could be started.

This would be a Disaster because an old Exchange and Domain Controller would have contact to the sharp network together with an old one.

Solution Since Veeam 7.0

Veeam calls it Network mapping. On the Replica you can choose which ESX Network will be connected and this can be different then on the source machine.

ON ESX Server: Create a new Switch and dummy network in ESX. Maybe also change the VLAN ID to something you never use. Make sure on the right side there is no adapter connected.


VLAN ID: 233


This is the target solution we want. The Replicas should land connected in the VM_VEEAM_DUMMY. So if someone or something starts them UP by accident / error they have no connection to productive network.


Now change the Veeam Replica Job.


Select "Separate Virtual Networks"

SOURCE: Select the source network AS it is on the source server you get the machine from

TARGET: Select the Server you want the replicas (or have them) and then choose the new generated VM_VEEAM_DUMMY

Click through and FINISH (Don't change existing settings)

Now the replicas will automatic LAND in the empty network.


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