W7-Client: Index content of PDF-Files without SharePoint locally

by butsch 15. March 2015 22:29

We all hate the missing options NOT to search in files very easy as in Windows XP out of the box.

Mostly i see people using XP Clients to search a File on W7/2008R2/2012R2 or they use a DOS search or some GREP.


Well here would be the right way to do it right on Windows 7 Client:

Did you want to search PDF files and their content like you can when you

integrate Search Server Express or SharePoint at you Desktop PC without SharePoint.


Here is how to Index PDF-Files and content in a certain Directory

First check what your options are right now:


For PDF to work you will to Install the PDFiFilter from Adobe (32/64BIT depending on your OS)


Download the iFilter and Install it.


Now check again the Indexing File types (PDF-Filter is enabled now)

Now adapt the paths where you want to index and not.

Wait a few hours (Or Days) and you will find the PDF indexed.



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