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by butsch 25. November 2006 17:29

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This tool is from 2006. Please send E-mail if you want a free version. We currently work work Enteo/Frontrange as main product.

RapidWinstaller is a replacement for the Wininstall Interactive Installer. If you have a large amount of NAI/LST packets the Interactive Installer get's very slow. Customers with large amount of Packets had to wait up to 120 seconds until they could select software to install. The only solution was to split the large lists into a few main LST list files. For some companies this was not an option. The Interactive Installer was never improved in speed even with all the releases that came since 8.6.

This was one of the main reasons we began developing our own Installer for larger customers.

With the
RapidParser Script your are able to generate a Menu XML file beginning from your starting LST file like myapps.lst. The Script generates an XML file which can be used in the RapidWinstaller to select and install Software.

Selections can be saved and loaded

RapidWinstaller let's the Helpdesk and Setup employee arrange and build their own little customized groups and save them under a filename. If you don't want your helpdesk or setup staff to have access to the Wininstall console this is a good way to give them more options.

Packages are installed in the order they should

The RapidWinstaller shows the packages in the order they will get installed. If you deselect a package from the Selection it will be removed and other packages steps up in the array.

You can choose options for running the WINSTALA.EXE like quiet or prompt.

Setup staff can, depending on their expierence on certain applications, choose if the installation will run complete silent or with feedback when errors happen.

Handy Shortcuts to Windows tools

There are some shortcuts which call windows usefull utilitys. In this way the helpdesk person has one tool.

Setup staff knows if there is enough space before they start installing. This is still a problem if you don't run Microsoft Operation Manager Agent or Nagios on every client.

How many times did Helpdesk tell you Wininstall is not working? And it was only a hanging existing MSIEXEC process or the user had not enough space?


  • RapidWinstaller client is written in c# very fast and small binary
  • RapidParser generates the needed XML files
  • cons: It does NOT show what software is installed. But most people know anyway.


  • Attachmate Wininstall v 8.7030 or at least v 8.7X
  • Microsoft .NET 2.X Framework running on the client you would like to use the RapidWinstaller



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