You think VDI is the solution?

by butsch 18. June 2012 21:05

You think VDI is the solution?

Here is what they and others found out:

VDI-Solution in 2011/2012 Cost x2 (two) times more than Regular Deployment or TS.

Boot storm > yes go ahed! Buy two new Storage Shelfs and a Storage Virtualisation which will dynamic handle your storage for such cases (Split SSDS and regular 15'000 U/Min disks).


You think XEN is cheaper then VMWARE/View? You need add. Software to get it running smooth.


For many years we’ve been hearing that the future of the desktop is going to be VDI. Clearly that hasn’t happened. Server virtualization has been wildly successful, so why not VDI and desktop virtualization?

VDI vendors made a lot of wild promises in the mid-2000s. Some of them were true, some were a stretch, and some were just plain misleading. The VDI Delusion digs into these into these claims, taking a technical look at some of the common myths around desktop virtualization. It also examines practical reasons why many VDI pilots and proofs of concept fail to go full scale or just plain fail completely.

Of course there are many good reasons to use VDI, which are also covered in this book. Brian, Gabe, and Jack aren’t actually VDI haters—they just don't like it when it’s used inappropriately. They outline practical, concrete reasons for using VDI and other server-based computing solutions in addition to all the poor reasons people try and fail.


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