APP-V: Debug App-V Environment from package

by butsch 8. December 2013 17:08


On an APP-V Client crate a shortcut to the Desktop of the Existing APP-V Application you would like to debug.


Open the Properties of the Shortcut change the TARGET as marked and include

/EXE cmd.exe





Existing Target:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sfttray.exe" /launch "LeechFTP"

New Target for Command line Box (Changes red)

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sfttray.exe" /exe cmd.exe /launch "LeechFTP"

If you open that Link now you are inside the Bubble and are able to check code, Path or Registry Keys.




Here is how to CHECK what may be wrong inside the BUBBLE.

Download and copy PROCMON.EXE PROCEXP.EXE from Technet/Microsoft/Systernals.


If you WANT to DEBUG as Domain user without special rights (Why is it slow as USER and not as Administrator)

you may have to RUN procmon.exe with RUNAS. be sure to use /NONPROFILE otherwise the MON will see diffrent data.

 Exclude the PROCESS you don't need. You SEE WANT TO see like vmware, virus protection, winlogon, windows services etc.



You want to check the Virtuell EXE itself:

Example: GIMP-2.6.exe


Also check the APP'V process itself:



If the TRY to write files/open files or change Files on the Q: Drive that they may not have access as the Logged on user.

If you FOUND the file which the PROCESS has no Change permission OPEN the APPV package

Example FILE made problems: users30.mpm

Change the Sequencer File type from "Application Data" to "user data" and REDO the package


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