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Mcafee/Trellix EPO 5.10 SP1 UPD2 (Update 2) Installation CVE-2023-5444 (RISK HIGH) and CVE-2023-5445

Exploit/Lücken CVE-2023-5444 (RISK HIGH) und CVE-2023-5445. Update Mcafee/Trellix EPO Management Server   There is emergency patch for EPO and the Trellix Forum seems to be down or rebuilt? Here is some info to help you this way. We have just updated around 10 EPO on-premises installations from EPO 5.10 SP1 to UPD2 or from 5.10 […]

Mcafee/Trellix EPO Server, Logon failed due to a full database disk (SQL cleanup)

Had a case where the McAfee EPO DB almost blew due to an EPO issue or, let’s say, McAfee prevented it from happening by encountering SQL Express limitations. We’re relieved that since EPO 5.X, they’ve implemented two databases; one for EPO and one for Events; effectively splitting the load in size and safeguarding the crucial […]

Mcafee DLP, Microsoft September 2015 update disables Mcafee-DLP

5 Microsoft Patches take out Mcafee DLP copy handler function. Device control (USB) black is not affected. Environment McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint (DLP Endpoint) software earlier than 9.3.425 (DLP Endpoint 9.3 Patch 4 HF25) Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (32-bit is not affected.) Problem Several applications fail to start after you install Microsoft Patch MS15-038 or […]

Mcafee DLP 9.3 missing option Removable Storage Protection in Agent Configuration

Mcafee DLP 9.3 missing option Removable Storage Protection in Agent Configuration.   Problem: You are unable to choose “Removable Storage Protection” as 4th option in Agent Configuration on the new DLP9.3 Migration from: Existing EPO 4.6 and 9.1 Under Agent Configuration i can choose “Removable Storage Protection” as 4th option NEW EPO 5.11 and 9.3.400.23 […]