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Gugler.exe a SEO Tool to find invalid Google Links to your Website

Source Inspiration:

The inspiration behind Gugler.exe stems from the complexities often encountered in managing website links during migrations, especially from one blogging platform to another. Google’s indexing can sometimes lead to the persistence of invalid or incorrect links, particularly in cases of transitions from one blogging software to another, such as from a Windows-based platform like to WordPress.

Challenges Addressed:

  1. Migration Pitfalls: During the migration process, it’s not uncommon for links to become outdated or misdirected, creating a challenge for website administrators to keep track of these changes accurately.
  2. Google Indexing Quirks: Google’s indexing may retain links from previous configurations, leading to an accumulation of invalid URLs. This issue is particularly pronounced when transitioning between different blogging platforms.
  3. Webmaster Tools Complexity: While Google Webmaster Tools offer powerful functionalities, managing and rectifying these inaccuracies in links can be intricate and time-consuming.

Gugler as the Solution:

Gugler.exe was developed as a solution to streamline this process. By leveraging its intelligent querying and link validation capabilities, the tool empowers IT professionals and SEO enthusiasts to identify and categorize links efficiently. It simplifies the often intricate task of managing erroneous links arising from migrations, providing a user-friendly alternative to navigate and rectify SEO-related challenges.

Mission Statement:

Our mission with Gugler is to offer a free and accessible tool that not only addresses the technical nuances of link management but also fosters a collaborative community. We encourage users, especially those with IT blogs, to share their experiences, reviews, or links to Gugler, contributing to the collective knowledge and assisting others facing similar challenges in the dynamic landscape of website migrations and SEO optimization.


V1.2, 14.10.2023, First Release for Framework 4.8

Size: 528Kb

SHA1: CBF0B8B5ABE9FA7F16BE5061CA17631BD8DE3203

SHA256: 8C385B33C73C39FE053DCB488650ABD7F11AC81B5F0C49262EBDB28B8DC07700

MD5: 5F1DC4BEC968FF790DC0FAFF7E19234B

Security checks done on our Release:

Checked with Enterprise AV Mcafee/Trellix ENS, Realportect 13.10.2023, AMCORE 13.10.2023, 09:26 AM

Online from 14.10.2023

Remark: As soon as you make c# code with Framework 4.6 or at least 4.8 and do NOT use external library or special references you get 2 or 3 RED on Virusototal.

Online Joes Sandbox Hybrid Analyse from 14.10.2023