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Mastering Firewalls for Intunes and Autopilot Success, FQDN, IP, CRL to get Intunes running

Mastering Firewalls for Intunes and Autopilot Success In the realm of IT, especially with the advent of cloud-based systems like M365 and Intune, managing firewalls has evolved into a complex challenge. Gone are the days of a handful of external ports; now, it’s like navigating a digital maze of ports and IP ranges. Enter the […]

Exchange 2010 Public Folder Migration: Replicas stay on 2007 with Load Balancer Setup

Special: Load Balancer Setup with CAS-Array, Hardware Load Balancer like KEMP. Gateway both CAS are going to KEMP backside. But Static Routes on both CAS to Backup Server, DC’s, Acronis Servers, old Exchange. Split DNS. We mostly see this with customer having Internal: (LAN) and External: (Wan) which is the correct way after […]