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Category: KEMP Load Balancer

Google chrome 124 and Edge Chromium Probleme Webserver SSL-Brechen [DEU]

  Google Chrome.exe 124 und Edge Chromium könnten Probleme haben, sich mit einem Webserver hinter älteren Firewalls oder Proxys zu verbinden, ODER bestimmte Sicherheitsgeräte filtern HTTPS/TLS-Websites nicht mehr.   Das Problem hat etwa am 22.04.2024 begonnen und nimmt laufend zu. Dies könnte Sie betreffen, wenn: Sie oder jemand anderes einen Webserver oder einen Dienst mit […]

Google chrome.exe 124 and Edge Chromium cannot reach Webserver behind IPS/proxy [cipher X25519Kyber768]

Google Chrome.exe 124 and Edge Chromium may have problems connecting Webserver behind older firewalls or proxy OR certain security device do not filter HTTPS/TLS websites anymore.     The problem has started around 22.04.2024 and is growing. This could effect you if: You run or someone else runs a Webserver or any service with https […]

KEMP service option Detect Malicious Request Intrusion handling blocks Winword Blog posts

  The KEMP option “Detect Malicious Requests” blocks Winword from connecting to WordPress or blog provider configurations, changing or uploading existing blog entries with pictures. We lost quite some time on this one because we were initially searching forever on our firewall and other WAF appliances. Finally, we found out that this is due […]

Mastering Firewalls for Intunes and Autopilot Success, FQDN, IP, CRL to get Intunes running

Mastering Firewalls for Intunes and Autopilot Success In the realm of IT, especially with the advent of cloud-based systems like M365 and Intune, managing firewalls has evolved into a complex challenge. Gone are the days of a handful of external ports; now, it’s like navigating a digital maze of ports and IP ranges. Enter the […]

Exchange 2010 Public Folder Migration: Replicas stay on 2007 with Load Balancer Setup

Special: Load Balancer Setup with CAS-Array, Hardware Load Balancer like KEMP. Gateway both CAS are going to KEMP backside. But Static Routes on both CAS to Backup Server, DC’s, Acronis Servers, old Exchange. Split DNS. We mostly see this with customer having Internal: (LAN) and External: (Wan) which is the correct way after […]