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Category: Ivanti Frontrange Enteo

Mix on MINIDRIVER Security and Profile Virtualisation and performance (Mcafee/Trellix, Rapid 7 and Ivanti on same VDI)

  What is a minidriver? In the world of Windows operating systems, minidrivers play a crucial role in facilitating communication between the hardware and the operating system. However, having several minidrivers installed on a Windows 10 or 11 system can potentially lead to performance problems. Here’s why:   1. Resource Consumption: Each minidriver consumes […]

inprogressinstallinfo.ipi. Cannot open database file. System error -2147287037.

W10/W11, 21, Disk D: and e: ripped out and moved to new PC, Error on old PC with just the c: and 21H2 Problem: Error 2203.Database: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\inprogressinstallinfo.ipi. Cannot open database file. System error -2147287037. The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code […]

Enteo V6.X Master Referenz Paket (Screensaver/Locked/User Fragen), Version 1.1 vom 10.10.2010

Enteo V6.X Master Referenz Paket (Screensaver/Locked/User Fragen), Version 1.1 vom 10.10.2010 Alle Binaries sowie ein Export des Projektes von Enteo V6.2 sind unter dieser URL zu finden: Was macht das Paket? Dieses universelle Referenz Paket soll zeigen wie man in einer reellen Deployment Umgebung auf das Environment und die User eingehen kann. Bei vielen […]

W10 Update Deployment Silent, certain not used old DLL in OEM Install paths BLOCKS update c:\drivers or c:\SWSETUP

  Microsoft W10 Update to 1909 failed because the pre Check found the certain DLL somewhere under the c:\drivers or C:\SWSETUP olders. (APP/Software or driver was not installed, Update block by JUST finding the Certain DLL somewhere on certain paths used by certain Producer/OEM. Often used paths for drivers and where W10 Update tried to […]

Enteo/DSM/IvantiFrontrange: Debug MODE PE 5.X / WIN 10 aktivieren in Boot

Enteo/DSM/IvantiFrontrange: Debug MODE PE 5.X / WIN 10 aktivieren in Boot Es gab hier schon mal einen älteren Beitrag: Pfad wo sich die wichtigen Infos befinden ist: \windows\panther So kann man den Windows PE 5.X / WIN 10 DEBUG Mode bei Enteo/Frontrange/Heat aktivieren: Bestehendes Boot Environment kopieren und Namen anpassen. (Am besten ein neues […]

Missing entry in Fortigate Application Filter ROOT.CERTIFICATE.URL and OCSP source of W10 Setup failing

Fortigate Application Filter Certificate wrong/missing Entry sample for an important laptop driver (W10 Deployment fails because of signed Driver Revocation Lookup) OR HOW a missing small ENTRY I a FORTIGATE FIREWALL IPS/APP filter can ruin your Windows 10 OS-Deployment work.   Reason: Missing entry in Fortigate Application Filter “ROOT.CERTIFICATE.URL” and “OCSP” source of failing deployment […]

W10 1709 (Fall Creator) unable to make OS Setup package under DSM Frontrange 2016.2 R2 latest updates

W10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) unable to install under DSM Frontrange 2016 R2 latest updates You are unable to do a SETUPdatei with the Paket Assistant under DSM 2016.2 R2 latest patches 14.11.2017 3844 Unter dem angegeben Verzeichnis-Pfad wurden keine Installationsdateien gefunden. ERROR: WORKAROUND: Add following on DSM/Frontrange/Enteo Server: <INIValue>rs3</INIValue> <INIValue>rs3_release</INIValue> First time in file: […]

NIC Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM Deployment Driver

Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM Deployment problems HP Zbook, Probook 650G1 (See below for full range info)   OS Deployment problems with Intel NIC i217-V (I217V) under Windows 7 64BIT and different Deployment Software Like Frontrange-Enteo, SCCM, Symantec and also with Windows Deployment. Main problem is that the Windows PE 3.X that most Deployment solutions use […]

Deployment: Find GUID to Uninstall Software Silent W7/8 32/64BIT

Go through these Key Recursive and check for the value “UninstallString” under the GUID’s. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall MsiExec.exe /I{2F72F540-1F60-4266-9506-952B21D6640D} So Uninstall Silent of possible would be: MsiExec.exe /x{2F72F540-1F60-4266-9506-952B21D6640D } /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress If the Uninstall works depends on the software and if the, as example, MSI Source file is STILL under The location mentioned in key: “InstallSource” […]