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CRLcheck.exe is a tool developed to verify digital signatures of executable files. It collects files from known paths on your client, checks their signature, and checks Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) and OCSP download. This helps avoid delays in launching files.

Category: Exchange 2010

CRLcheck.exe Certificate Revocation List Check Tool to verify all CRL and OCSP on Windows client

CRLcheck.exe Certificate Revocation List Check Tool to automatic verify CRL and OCSP internet reachability of all your EXE files that your client runs.     Over the past 20 years, I have personally witnessed how Certificate Revocation on Windows systems is often underestimated, even within large enterprises. This issue significantly affects both client and server […]


List or change Inboxrules employee have > Automatic E-Mail forwards to private or external E-Mail systems. Problem: In Exchange, users are able to forward E-Mail themself to an external private account. This is a problem because of compliance and if you don’t have a DLP (Data Lost Prevention). There are ways to prevent this (With […]

Active Directory accounts with ADMINSholder/adminCount flag | No syncback from Azure, ms-ds-consistencyGuid

english, Management summary To gain a better understanding of the ADMINSholder/adminCount attribute, we recommend referring to the provided blog posts, which shed light on the impact of this flag, particularly regarding ActiveSync and GPO. This attribute poses a challenge in the synchronization process of the Synchronization Service Manager (Microsoft Azure AD Connect Synchronization Services) as […]

CVE-2023-23397, Outlook.exe Exploit, PidLIDReminder custom Sound ab SMB für Termin Reminder

CVE-2023-23397 Was ausgenutz wird: Anstatt Standard Microsoft Outlook Sound kann man für ein meeting reminder einen Custom Sound angeben. Dieser kann auf einem Share liegen. Da liegt der Hund begraben. CVE-2023-23397 ist ein Outlook-Bug. Wenn Sie eine eingehende E-Mail für einen Termin mit einer benutzerdefinierten Erinnerung (Ton, Attribut PidLIDReminder) senden, wird Outlook.exe (2012/2016) versuchen, […]

Exchange 2013/2016 EAS Activeync (MDM, mobile) stops syncing. Event 2002, limit max, Targetbackend, will be rejected

Problem: Exchange 2013/2016 Activeync MDM Handy stops syncing, Event 2002, limit max, Targetbackend, will be rejected In generall this could be a EAS Activesync device running mad or a user using functions like Time to leave on iPhone (See link at end of document here) It’s rather important we find what causes the effect inseatd […]

Exchange 2010 – 2016 Migration remove of old MDB fails (Mailboxexports)

  Error: This mailbox database is associated with one or more active MailboxExport requests Source: This means you have current/Pending/stalled as sample PST Exports running (Maybe very old). Solution: You will have to remove those you are able to remove the emtpy old Exchange MDB. Get-MailboxExportRequest (ExchangePowerShell) | Microsoft Docs     Microsoft Exchange Error […]

WINMAIL.DAT (Exchange 2007-2016-M365) Outlook – DEUTSCH

WINMAIL.DAT Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format oder TNEF ist ein proprietäres E-Mail-Anhangsformat, das von Microsoft Outlook und Microsoft Exchange Server verwendet wird. Eine Datei mit TNEF-Codierung wird in der Regel als winmail.dat oder win.dat bezeichnet und hat einen MIME-Typ von Application/MS-TNEF. Der offizielle (IANA) Medientyp ist jedoch application/ Wie oder wann passiert das? Wenn ein Absender […]

Exchange 2013/2016 and 2010 Proxy back (400) Bad Request, ADS-user in too many ADS-groups member

Exchange 2010/2013/2016 Migration, problem after DNS-pointing to 2016 structure with some users Outlook.exe When you thought Kerberos Bloating is way back 2012 it returns. And after some research it is still all over the place. It does affect on premise Solutions as well as cloud solution like ADFS, AZURE etc. Error: This error (HTTP 400 […]

03.03.2021 Exchange 2010, 2013, 2013, 2016, 2019 Patch KB5000871 how to Update correct with Links

HAFNIUM targeting Exchange Servers with 0-day exploits Important Exchange Update 03.03.2021 for all Microsoft Exchange Versions Affected Exchange Version: 2010, 2013, 2013, 2016, 2019       12.03.2021 We have seen so many installations fail on certain blogs and forums. Please make sure understand the update process of patching a special Server like Exchange or […]

Error: “Exchange OWA HTTP500 Internal Server Error” after OWA Logon

  Error: “Exchange OWA HTTP500 Internal Server Error” after OWA logon You see the Logon Screen from Exchange OWA. You Logon with valid Credentials. After Logon you receive a Website error: Solution/Reason/Source: Service “Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based-Authentication Service is not started or crashed.   This was hard to find since behind a KEMP and during a […]

How to turn off Autodiscover Warning in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

How to turn off Autodiscover Warning in Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019 (Exchange 2010/2013/2016) Warnung: Das Konto wurde fuer die Einstellung auf die Website umgeleitet A little bit more explained than in the Microsoft KB and with a check THAT if you ONLY set the Registry key if the OFFICE Version is installed. During Migrations you could […]