APPV 4.6 client Event 3144 and no Reporting

by newuser09876 24. September 2014 14:13


Error:     Event 3144 on APP-V (APPV) client machine

Client:     Microsoft APPV client 4.6 SP1 with up to Hotfix6

The APPV client does not update usage data so you are unable to see which APPV apps are used also in terms of licenses.

Der Berichtsdatencache von Application Virtualization Client konnte nicht an die Veröffentlichungsserver-URL 'rtsp://customerapv01:554/' gesendet werden (Rückgabecode = 1690640A-200001F4).


The App-V Client does not upload reporting data, resulting with Event 3144 and error code 0A-200001F4


The Windows 7 client Shows:

Here is how to solve the Microsoft Bug.


  1. Logon to SQL Management Studio and select the APPVIRT table:
  2. New SQL Query



alter column package_name nvarchar(256) null

Press Execute Button

Or change this manual by hand:



There is also a Stored Procedure mentioned which will allow you to IMPORT the existing PAST History from clients which you may not need and is rather complex because you will have to collect the XML Files from the clients by hand.


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