Defrag Exchange 2007/2010 Database/MailboxDataBase with ESEUTIL

by butsch 21. July 2014 20:07

If you are at the end of Migration. Check there are no user active on the DB:


Show all mailboxes on Database "mb3"

Get-Mailbox -Database "mb3" | select Displayname, Alias, Database, OrganizationalUnit | ft -wrap –auto


Also check this KB for hidden accounts and dead accounts :

Get the Path of the DB:

How to copy the actual path without moving it:


PATH OF OUR DB:     D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb


Make sure you have enough space to defrag the Exchange DB

Check if you can DEFRAG LOCAL (Need same space or over a temporary network location or SAN Storage).

DB = 67GB / Free Space on D: Drive = 310GB / OK can be done localy

/T = Temporary Drive to Defrag

Eseutil.exe /D D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb /t d:\temp_mb3.edb

Check where your Exchange runs:

Path: D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin

Got to that path in a DOS Command.

DO NOT use Quotation Marks = "D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb"



eseutil.exe /d D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb /t d:\temp\temp_mb3.edb

DEFRAG with Temporary Drive d: because it has enough space!



65GB > 169MB (Because MOVED Users to Exchange 2010 Before)

Take the DB Online

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