Deployment: Find GUID to Uninstall Software Silent W7/8 32/64BIT

by butsch 23. February 2015 16:09


Go through these Key Recursive and check for the value "UninstallString" under the GUID's.



MsiExec.exe /I{2F72F540-1F60-4266-9506-952B21D6640D}

So Uninstall Silent of possible would be:

MsiExec.exe /x{2F72F540-1F60-4266-9506-952B21D6640D } /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress

If the Uninstall works depends on the software and if the, as example, MSI Source file is STILL under The location mentioned in key:


Windows tries to cache those files LOCAL outside the mentioned Source file location.

But it's always good to keep the original files incl. Paths so don't migrate NAS/File shares for Install$ and software$ without asking Deployment prior.


Sample where the MSI Source files are present at Original location:


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