Exchange 2007 Restrict ActiveSync for only certain modell of phones

by butsch 12. January 2011 20:37

Starting with Exchange 2007 SPX you can use the Set-CASMailbox with the ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs parameter to lock down a certiain user to a specific device ID.

Not that it helps you immediately, but Exch 2010 has included automatic quarantining/blocking of devices based on Device Model and Type with ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule

 set-CASMailbox [-ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs <MultiValuedProperty>] [-ActiveSyncDebugLogging <Nullable>] [-ActiveSyncEnabled <$true | $false>] [-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy <MailboxPolicyIdParameter>]


* Optional
* Microsoft.Exchange.Data.MultiValuedProperty
* This parameter accepts a list of device IDs that are allowed to synchronize with the mailbox.

Here you can see a sample user:

[PS] C:\>get-casmailbox -Identity scr | fl

ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs              : {} < Array if devices which are allwoded.
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy                    : Default
ActiveSyncMailboxPolicyIsDefaulted    : True
ActiveSyncDebugLogging                   :
ActiveSyncEnabled                                   : True
HasActiveSyncDevicePartnership         : False

Also read this Post in Germand about a good overview on how to block certain Activesync Handys:

 Disabel Activesync for all Exchange Users on Exchange 2007/2010:

get-Mailbox | set-CASMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled:$False



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