Exchange 2010 SAN Certificates, HLB, CAS-Array SSL Links used in 2013

by butsch 16. July 2013 19:16

CAS-Array auf SAN Cert oder nicht?

No, the RPC CAS Array host name should not be in the SSL certificate. People who are posting otherwise are wrong.


TN 5703 - How do I enroll for an Entrust SSL certificate when my sites are load balanced?

1 oder 2 san Certs WENN Load Balancer?

How to load balance a Web server farm by using one SSL certificate in IIS 6.0 and in IIS 5.0

Your third option here is buy a SAN certificate, place all relevant names on that cert, and install the same certificate on all your servers and on load balancer. The more servers you have, the more cost effective this becomes

I need to secure multiple load-balanced servers; do I use the same CSR for each server?

Exporting/Importing SSL Certificates Between Windows Servers

Export import SAN, Exchange 2010 fuer Load Balancer

Analyze and Debug you Certs


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