Exchange 2010/2013 POP or IMAP with Wildcard Certificate activation

by butsch 7. March 2017 15:53

You try to activate a WILDCARD Certificate for IMAP or POP Services for Exchange 2010.

Either GUI or Powershell this does not work as wanted:

Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Server ' exchange2010' -Services 'IMAP, IIS, SMTP' -Thumbprint 'C22E2AE9FC07C7DA55454522B0E0ACF996C8'



This certificate with thumbprint C22E2AE9FC0646473449422B0E0ACF996C8 and subject '*' cannot used for IMAP SSL/TLS connections because the subject is not a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Use command Set-IMAPSettings to set X509CertificateName to the FQDN of the service.


Is to set the parameter with SET-POPSETTINGS and set-IMAPSETTINGS:

Set-POPSettings -X509CertificateName

Set-IMAPSettings -X509CertificateName

Restart the services:

restart-service MSExchangePOP3

restart-service MSExchangeIMAP4

Check what you changed:



Technet Links:


Exchange 2010

For Exchange 2013:

If you want this active FROM External (Which we don't recommend!) on your 2013 don't forget to set these parameters:

Set-POPSettings -ExternalConnectionSetting {}

Set-ImapSettings -ExternalConnectionSetting {}

Exchange 2013 Log Options:

Done forget to enable (Turn to automatic) the POP or IMAP3 Service and start it.




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