GPO, W10, CSE_NOBACKGROUND and CSE_Drives GPO, English German mix how to fix RIGHT way

by butsch 31. July 2018 19:59

There have been some WRONG Blogs about correcting this issue with wrong GPO / Gruppenrichtlinie Language / Sprach-Files. Here is the error you see.


Folgende Fehler sind aufgetreten:

Das Richtlinienpräsentationselement "CSE_NOBACKGROUND" auf das in Präsentation "CSE_Drives" verwiesen wird,

ist nicht vorhanden. Datei \\SERVER045.bsb.local\SysVol\bmw.local\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\GroupPolicyPreferences.admx, Zeile 334, Spalte 70


Please do a COPY and DUMP of the Policy Stuff before you change and maybe correct wrong like some people did. In the GPO Console backup the GPO's to disk.

Below you see someone following the three wrong blogs and messing up things.

Delete WRONG ADMX Files in the LANGUAGE Subfolder of the POLICYDEFINTIONS.

Only ADML (Administrative Language Files) are in there. The ADMX file has nothing to lose there in W10/2012/2016 setups.

Now do it the correct way copy over. Sample for English DC and German / Deutsch Client or W10 Admin client. Here is what to copy.


We use environment variables to show you. Please adapt these to your domain.

FILE: grouppolicypreferences.adml

SOURCE: %logonserver%\sysvol\%USERDNSDOMAIN%\policies\policydefintions\en-us\

DESTINATION: %logonserver%\sysvol\%USERDNSDOMAIN%\policies\policydefintions\de-de\

Sample is for de-de Germans just adapt to you language short.


Reboot the GPO Admin Client or do a gpupdate /force

Error is gone.



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