Mcafee VSE 8.8, Frame 4.5, Event 516, mfehidk, ir Crypt32 on Windows XP

by butsch 22. June 2011 21:21

Microsoft and Mcafee do not like each other since a few months or is MS again?

* Thousand of Crypt32 Errors in Event which come from Windows XP unable to Check SSL Revoke List.

Here is what Mcafee Third Level UK/Spain says:

As we have disscused via phone, the issue you vave is explained in KB53970, and from Mcafee suggest to ignore the error.
I really suggest to submit a PER (Product Enhancement Request) to our developers, so they investigate how to remove the entry in the event viewer or discuss with Microsoft regarding the entry in the event viewer.
From Mcafee we can inform that the product is working correctly and the message can be ignored.


On the other hand you can solve this events:

1) Products that use SSL certs and have no direct internet access (Proxy) have that error. Antivirus is one of those Symantec, Mcafee and Trend...
2) If a client RUNS over a Proxy (Internet Explorer) there is also a Windows XP Proxy. You can set that proxy manual or by importing the IE Settings.

Here is an example on how to set the Proxy (You can't wihout Local Admin rights). No you can't fix that with Logonscript even when it HKCU. You
need a Software Deployment Like Enteo, SCCM or Altiris to do so. Yes it's on your VDI and APPV too ;-) So same problems same crap and no end in sight ;-)

a) Als User anmelden
b) Runas /user:domain\adminaccount cmd
c) Dann c:\windows\system32\proxycfg.exe –p (Or your proxy and Doubledot Port)

* Mcafee VSE Event 516, mfehidk, on Windows XP SP3

We found that VSE has a problem with the MSI.DLL located in the c:\windows\system32 directory. This DLL is a part of the Microsoft Installer.
Unfortunately it seems that McAfee verifies the version number of it. With the following version number of this DLL, everything is working well:
4.5.6002.22172. This version is a available in a MS-Hotfix, so you have to download it from Microsoft:

Check out the full Blog here:


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