SRV2016/2019/2022, WSUS Server, Report Viewer 2012 CRL Types

by butsch 27. May 2020 15:33

Server 2016 running WSUS-Server if you click on a Report you the error with the Report Viewer as before.

If you did not install the WSUS in an SQL and used the WID (Windows Internal Database) or have a different Version

Of or many SQL Versionen mixed on that machine.


ENG: The Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Redistributable is required for this feature

DEU: Für dieses Feature ist Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Redistributable erforderlich

  1. Install Microsoft System CLR Types (If needed)

Microsoft System CLR Types for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012




  1. Download and install MICROSOFT® REPORT VIEWER 2012 RUNTIME

These are the two files you need to install:


Close and reopen the WSUS console and it works now


Client Management | Hotfixes / Updates | WSUS

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