WSUS: Integrate OS 2012R2 in WSUS Server on 2008/200R2

by butsch 8. March 2016 21:49

How to integrate 2012R2 on an older Server OS-version WSUS.

Install this Hotfix on Server 2012 R2 so you see

"Windows 10" instead of "Vista"


"Server 2012 R2" instead of "Windows 6.3"


Hotfix WIN10 Integration WSUS

This hotfix enables Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on a Windows Server 2012-based or a Windows Server 2012 R2-based server to sync and distribute feature upgrades for Windows 10. This hotfix is not required to enable WSUS to sync and distribute servicing updates for Windows 10.

Important This update must be installed before you sync the upgrades classification. If the update is not installed when the upgrades classification is enabled, WSUS will see the Windows 10 build 1511 feature upgrade even if it can't properly download and deploy the associated packages. If you try to sync any upgrades without having first installed KB 3095113, you will populate the SUSDB with unusable data that must be cleared before upgrades can be properly distributed.  This situation is recoverable but the process is nontrivial and can be avoided altogether if you make sure to install the update before enabling sync of upgrades.  If you have encountered this issue, refer to the following article:



Install these two Hotfixes on 2008R2 (One needs a Reboot)

  • Follow further process in the KB to replace the String in SQL from "Windows 6.3" to others value
  • IF you have synced W8/W10/2012R2 BEFORE you installed the patches ON the WSUS-Server > you may need to follow the procedure mentioned to get the IN SYNC again (Also see number three Post below)







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