Wininstall, RapidParser

by butsch 25. November 2006 17:31

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This tool is from 2006 please E-Mail fro free version. We currently work with Enteo/Frontrange.

RapidParser let's you index your Wininstall Packages directory and generate XML menu files with the data gained.

The XML file can be used in
RapidWinstaller or with a ASP.NET webpage to install software.


The XML menu files can be used with RapidWinstaller to select and install software very quick.


Currently with the web installer we don't have to possibility to choose the order of the packages. So it is only useful for single package installs. This may be useful for machines where you don't want to install Microsoft .NET 2 Framework which is needed by the RapidWinstaller client to run.


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