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ChatGPT/Azure answers risk question about M365 and generates C# code

Posted by admin on 02.02.2023



AI esp. ChatGPT catches a lot of media coverage these days. The buzzwords range from Syknet (Terminator), Wargames (Tic, Tac, Toe), Jobkiller.

There was a report on Swiss TV showing that children use GPT to do their homework from the city Aesch/Switzerland.

Because GPT changes the order and re-arranges text the teachers are unable to verify if it’s a copy and paste from some media.


There is an extreme large amount of money behind this all people talk about 10 Billions (10 Milliarden) already flown? Investors talk about 600 Billions the solution could be worth in the future.

Microsoft announced that they will offer OpenAI to their Azure Cloud customers.


Well so we tried the bot and first thing we ask is one of the quiz questions that are around M365 regarding cloud and certain countries.

We tried GPT with Different languages like German, English and French and where impressed from the quality of each languages.

We do not know if the AI thinks in the language you ask or just thinks in English and then translates at the end.


I ask the AI if there is any risk using M365 in Switzerland

Lets ask a Coke question german?

We tell AI to write c# code and test the results in Visual Studio


Now i tell the AI to move the circle from left to right

Ai generates new code > compile > run executable

I mention the error (Just some parts of the error) and the AI will write/correct the code.

After the scrolling is working the circle is truncated because the center starts at zero. I tell him to correct.


#2 > Writting a Powershell which lists all files in current Directory

ECO-French question with switch of language asked by Elsässer 😉

A sport running sample. Figure out what the rest time during Intervall training based on heart rate and current pace.


Not sure how long this will run?




Does he / she like games. Oh common wargames right? The best movie at all time? Anybody forgot?



Actual thematic with NHS and all Emergency Room at level where they strike.

This goes into medical and recommendation. Yes, it’s a big question and imagine using it there. But if the regular helplines and call lines are all locked and full would

it be a smart idea that AI helps with voice and that behind it if people can’t reach someone who helps and it’s urgent?


Around 02.02.3023 we see following and the AI getting a little but more strange?

It did NOT answer questions as smart as it did before. Is this the free version and the payed?

Version is smarter now?


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