Try our new Certificate Revocation List Check Tool
CRLcheck.exe is a tool developed to verify digital signatures of executable files. It collects files from known paths on your client, checks their signature, and checks Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) and OCSP download. This helps avoid delays in launching files.

If you are at the end of Migration. Check there are no user active on the DB:

 Show all mailboxes on Database “mb3”

Get-Mailbox -Database “mb3” | select Displayname, Alias, Database, OrganizationalUnit | ft -wrap –auto

 Also check this KB for hidden accounts and dead accounts :

Get the Path of the DB:

How to copy the actual path without moving it:


PATH OF OUR DB:     D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb


Make sure you have enough space to defrag the Exchange DB

Check if you can DEFRAG LOCAL (Need same space or over a temporary network location or SAN Storage).

DB = 67GB / Free Space on D: Drive = 310GB / OK can be done localy

/T = Temporary Drive to Defrag

Eseutil.exe /D D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb /t d:\temp_mb3.edb

Check where your Exchange runs:

Path: D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin

Got to that path in a DOS Command.

DO NOT use Quotation Marks = “D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb”



eseutil.exe /d D:\sg3\mailbox\mb3.edb /t d:\temp\temp_mb3.edb

DEFRAG with Temporary Drive d: because it has enough space!



65GB > 169MB (Because MOVED Users to Exchange 2010 Before)

Take the DB Online