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CA Arcserve 10/11 Backup Database repair

Posted by admin on 23.01.2012

If you have a Arcserve Backup on Small Business or regular Server which is not running and you think all is ok from your side concerning, Updates, Patches, Permissions and the Device.

Then maybe the Database is corrupt. This happens with almost any Arcserve which was running over 2+ years. It’s may simply get too big in size in this may be solved too.

Here is a standard script/batch to repair Arcserve DB errors. Check the account and password from your install doku. It’s also possible to reset that password.


:: Butsch Informatik, Acrcserve Repair

net stop CASTapeEngine
net stop CASJobEngine
net stop CASDbEngine
net stop CASMsgengine
net stop CASDiscoverySvc
net stop CasUnivDomainSvr
net stop CasSvcControlSvr
net stop Catirpc
net stop "Alert Notification Server"
net start "Alert Notification Server"
net start CASDiscoverySvc 
net start Catirpc >nul
net start CasSvcControlSvr 
net start CasUnivDomainSvr 
net start CASDbEngine 
net start CASMsgengine 
net start CASTapeEngine 
net start CASJobEngine 
rem check database errors
:: dbcheck -L casdb;admin;secret asjob       >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
:: dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret
				asmedia  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
:: dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asobject >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
:: dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
:: dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret astape   >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
:: dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
:: dbcheck -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
rem remove deleted records nach Prune
dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asjob     >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia   >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asobject  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost   >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret astape    >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
dbdefrag -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv   >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
dbdefrag -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat     >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Compress.log
rem repair database
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asjob    >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asobject >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astape   >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Repair.log
rem repair high-level key probleme, nur in Verbindung mit
rem vorherigem DBDEFRAG.
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asjob    >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_ReindexKey.log
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asmedia  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asobject >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret asrhost  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret astape   >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret astpdrv  >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log
rem keybuild -k -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat >> %systemdrive%\batch\arcservelogs\casdb_Check.log

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